The adventure started with the surprising death of the King of England, with the crown passing the Mary, his daughter. She put all the hopes into the three Captains to establish the settlements. Victor LeRoi became the Governor on his first island. But shortly after that, an Iroquois leader came to the Warehouse and demanded the settlers to leave "their" land immediately. The Advisor asked Victor to send a ship to find Hanna Marell - a scientist who does some research on the New World. She said she needed Victor to give them a tribute of 30t of Beaver Fur which can only be obtained by meeting a Free Trader named Fergus Flynn. Unfortunately, Emilio Castelli discovered the settlement and intended to conquer the island. Victor LeRoi won the battle. Thus ends Chapter 1. The Queen was satisfied and now ordered Victor to help Randolph McCrane, whose settlement was devastated completely. To help the clumsy Scottish Captain, Victor built yet another settlements, provided him with materials. After setting up the Jewellery and Confectionary productions, a pirate named Captain Red discovered Victor's territory and wanted to attack the islands. Carmen Marquez, a young female pirate asked the Governor to pay her a tribute. Not succeeded in persuading Red to stop attacking, Victor cooperated with Francois Bataille, another Captain of Mary's, attacked all the pitates' islands. The defeat was none of the Captains' concern. Carmen then gave Victor a map pointing out islands full of jewels. The Advisor did not trust her, but the Captain still sail his ship out to the sea. End of Chapter 2.