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Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery is a real-time strategy video game for the Nintendo DS. It is published by Disney Interactive and makes extensive use of the system's touch-screen capabilities. There are three game mode options, consisting of a story mode, continuous play, and multiplayer. It has been released in Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States.


You begin with a ship stocked with the necessary items to start a settlement. You are able to order it to explore until you find a good island that is suitable for settling. Once there, you begin to build your new colony. There's no limit how to build your settlement. Firstly build a wood cutter, a Fisher, then build a few houses. You should look to see what your people demand or need, and build the necessary building to satisfy the demand. If necessary, change the tax rate to control income. If your settlers are satisfied with everything they need, they will go up to the next stage. As they move through each stage, they will demand more things. In continuous play mode you can choose up to 3 rivals/enemies. They will advance at about the same rate as you. As you advance through each stage of settlement, you can build warships and send to possessed island and build beachheads and then you can attack military buildings (green roof). If you capture all of them, the island is yours. It's very useful do that on island where your rival has a lot of resources because his main island is surely more defended then the other island. The story mode is similar, but you need to fulfill certain tasks to proceed.